Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Christmas strategy!

At this time of year I am sure, like me, you are busy! Endless lists of things to do, gifts to buy, wrap, post, cards to write.  Things to cook, things to bake, hand made gifts to make and events at school, parties, assemblies, more cards and pressies for the teachers and add to that the usual household chores and Christmas is set to be.....


but I have a strategy.  You make a point to be Christmassy.

You use Christmassy cups

and keep with Christmassy traditions.

Bake childhood Christmassy memories
(theirs and mine) 
 madeira cake
for eating, trifle and a 'Scotch and Wry' New Year.

Make beautiful Christmassy gifts for near and far away friends.

Give your time for others to feel and enjoy Christmassy things.
helping the local nursery children decorate gingerbread for their trees.
(Ooh it was fun!)

Heading out to Edinburgh's Christmassy German Market
for rides, smells, tastes and tummy warm sights.
(I had MANY lovely photos planned but my camera batteries died- boo hoo and I wouldn't allow Hubby to steal away for more and miss the fun)  
then off for a family meal together, the most Christmassy word of all.
In all, trying to never lose sight of the reason behind the madness.
It's a good strategy!

To end, if none of the above is doing the trick, a view from my back door half an hour ago

Merry Christmas


  1. can i come live at your house please? :D got your card today, very christmassy ;) x

  2. raaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr us too!!!! I am like a child over it!!!! heehee!!!! xxxx

  3. Course you can Elspeth and bring James. I'll bake a cake!
    I left a thank you message on your chutney post, not sure if you saw it.
    Mrs B, I'm not sure if it's because I don't drive that I love the snow, love love love it. Want lots more!!

  4. Oh Ali, I love this post. You're sooo right. It's too easy to get caught up in the panic of 'so much to do, so little time' that we can forget to STOP and soak up the loveliness of it all. Hx


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