Monday, 7 December 2009

More Christmas fun!

Saturday afternoon was spent making our 'stained glass' biscuits for the tree.  It is one of the rare times Hubby joins in with baking and he likes to be in charge of the boiled sweeties. So the menfolk got on with the bashing in the pestle and mortar whilst I prepared the dough from the Christmas Tree Decorations recipe in Nigella's Feast.  My Hubby is very methodical and precise ("ahem...slow", she coughs) and therefore colour coded the bowls as best he could.

The boys then got on with rolling and cutting out of the dough.

My eldest, Billabong the mad, is very good at this job. I guess he's methodical and precise ("slow"!!) like his daddy.  Check this out......

He is good!!!
Youngest biscuit helped daddy place the bashed sweeties into the biscuits (no relation).

 Made sure to place a hole for ribbon.

The smell from the oven was amazing!

They are pretty!
Yesterday we danced and decorated to Bing and the result fills us with tummy warmth that will last into the New Year!  Ho ho ho!

 Merry Christmas


  1. Thank you, kind lady!! Hope you are still feeling better!

  2. Oh your tree looks so lovely! And I love the look of your biscuits - all of them!! xx

  3. oooooooooooooh lovely lovely lovely!! it makes me feel sooooo Christmassy having a snoop at other peoples trees! Everyone seems to put them away from the front window now, so even with y glasses on I haven't seen many so far this year.......or maybe folk aren't getting them?!?!?! nononononononooooooooooo!! x

  4. Imagine Mrs B!! Not having a tree is the fast route to the land of 'Ba Humbug'!!! I plan NEVER to go there, not even for a visit, not even if I was offered the finest cakes and earl grey tea, not even if Valentine Warner was waiting with nothing on but a Santa hat! NEVER!!
    p.s stuffed my face with sticky gingerbread, aahh what christmassy joy!!!


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