Tuesday, 6 April 2010

An Easter Giveaway....and the winner is!

I am not long back from a lovely jaunt away where of course I never got round to taking photos, ate too much, drank like a fish (no offence Lovely Fishy) and didn't do nearly as much knitting as intended but still........we have our winners.

Picked out by my Eldest Biscuit (who felt very responsible so shoogled the names for a long time)...first...

who shall receive two bunnies and some other goodies...

and second....

who shall receive one girl bunny plus goodies.

Well done ladies!
  I shall need addresses of course so if you could e-mail me with your details and I'll endeavor to get the postman with you as soon as I can!
I'd also like to thank Julie Williams who gave me her kind blessing and permission in using her pattern and photos in my giveaway xx.

Enjoy the rest of your ..er...Tuesday.  I had to think there!

p.s I feel bad not knitting a bunny for each of you so if you really feel like life is now not worth living because you didn't win we could talk, swap, spread the Little Cotton Rabbits bunny love.  Of course they wouldn't be for sale, not ever, not no how!


  1. Oooooooh what?!

    *stamps both feet*

    Best wishes, Outraged in the North


  2. Double "pah"! (I didn't win Mrs B's giveaway either!). Only joking, and am glad that you had a good break away. Congrats to your winners.

  3. Glad you had a lovely break, congratulations to your winners :) xxx

  4. Congratulations to the two luck winners!!!

  5. Yay, well done winners.

    Word for today - 'shoogled'!!! Ha ha, love it!


  6. congrats to Ruby Red, Her blog is amazing!!!!

  7. Hello hello!
    I can't believe I've won your gorgeous giveaway! I honestly never win anything, so this was such a sweet surprise!!Thank you so much Ali!
    I will love those cute bunnies to death SO CUTE!
    I'm so tired after being on my stall since 7am, this is a lovely end to the day!
    Well Done to Paperfish too, we are both very lucky !!Thanks again!
    I shall email you my details
    Rachel x

  8. oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh... really? truly??? aaarrrggghhhhhh THANKyou. I am so very chuffed and happy and thankful... )))(((


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