Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Happiness is.......

A Wedding.

Oh how I love them.   My lovely soon to be wed friends popped in today surprising me with an invitation handed to me in person.............

 It's all very exciting and even the fear of making the requested three tier cake cannot deter me from the sheer joy I feel about attending a wedding.  The cake is inspired by this one....

 ...from Cake Chic by Peggy Porschen.

I love the detail of a bow with a brooch.  It also takes away from having anything too complex for an amateur like me.  The ribbons will be attached on the back by diamante pins to make it look like a delicately buttoned up gown.  It will look very elegant I think.
I cannot wait to see the tables decorated, to see my boys in kilts again and to dance the night away.  Oh and the flowers, how I love flowers...

It will be a wonderful celebration and I am so very pleased to be invited to share in my friend's special day.  I will be like the proverbial pig in mud.

My piggy Seymour with the floppy Elvis fringe


  1. The cake looks gooooooooooood! The very best of luck for making it.

  2. How lovely, a wedding to attend!! The cake will be gorgeous!! Peggy Porschen has the most beautiful cake designs!!

  3. Love the cake you are planning! I love making cakes!!!!

  4. I love baking but am in awe of people who are clever at cake decorating- it's not my area of expertise. This one looks lovely, can't wait to see how yours turns out!
    Louise xxx

  5. Oh how delightful, I just returned a book of crafts for weddings to the library - I think I copied the front on one of my own posts last week (it's worth reserving at your library for £1) - it had such lovely things to make for the table, the gifts, etc. hope you have a lovely time.

  6. p.s. it was called 'contemporary wedding crafts' with a lovely pale blue cover but I can't see who the author was, sorry.

  7. Ooohh ...I love a wedding too! I made my wedding cake, well I made a tier, my mum and mother-in-law also made a tier each and then I got greedy and got my mum to make another one!! We didn't do anything posh like different flavourings or anything just good old fashioned fruit cake! Love the design of your cake, tres chic me thinks. Might have to purchase that book though looks lovely! x

  8. How lovely!! That cake looks so beautiful - love the ribbon and brooch!
    Scottish weddings are sooo lovely! x

  9. That cake looks lovely. I do love weddings, most of my friends are married now though, so don't go to many. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  10. Oh how wonderful!I do love a wedding.
    Last year a lady bought vintage brooches from me to decorate a wedding cake! She said it was black and white too!
    I wonder if she had the same book?
    When we got married(many years ago, I was practically a child bride) my mum made the cake, it was a fruit cake, delicious!
    Rachel x


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