Friday, 16 April 2010

A week..... has been.  
Up and down which is usually the way with school holidays.  Moments of pleasure shared with my boys, moments when I consider the legalities of locking them out the house until their Daddy comes home from work.
The bad - after being away at cub Camp all weekend and banning Youngest Biscuit and I from watching Doctor Who (A Crime!!!) until Hubby and Eldest Biscuit came back, aforementioned Eldest woke up very poorly on Monday morning, lay on the sofa for two days, so no going out, and since has been in a mood most foul, many arguments and strops and sending/stomping off to his bedroom have ensued.  It hasn't been pleasant.  To top it, Youngest Biscuit's bestest wee friend was away so that spoiled his whole life apparently so many arguments and strops and sending/stomping off to his bedroom have ensued.  Yes it's been repetitively horrid, yet there have been.....
The good - I received my birthday present from Hubby.........

Is she not beautiful?  Look at that face!

She is from The Vintage Magpie and I love her.  Deeply.  I feel like a little girl just looking at her and a delighted, heart glad one at that.  Go look, but be warned!  Your purse may empty!

Time has been spent in the garden mainly to bang my head as I hang out washing but we did spot our first Ladybird of the year....

It was huge and it was like receiving a magical present when we spotted it.  It even did that wonderfully freaky wing opening thing that reminds me of the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

I even managed to get my blog giveaway goodies posted to their recipients and was very touched by how welcome those goodies were.

My bunnies...

of Ali's knitting bag, are!!

..and lastly to chocolate cake as, in my opinion, there can never be enough photos of cakes.  Not never, not no how!!

and I got to be girly and my Biscuits still ate it!
I must face my demons now, i.e clean the effing bathroom but there are good things this weekend.  Tonight I am making vanilla ice cream to go with Sticky Toffee Pudding for tomorrow as we are having the postponed birthday meal for my gorgeous Father-in-law.  We are on a mission you see.  Many moons ago, in a former life it feels at times, we ate a meal at Charlotte Square in Edinburgh in the National Trust For Scotland restaurant and were served the best, the most delectable Sticky Toffee Pudding that there ever was.  The sauce tasted of childhood memories of jaw sticking McGowans Toffee and ah we had our benchmark.  We have yet to find a recipe that has reached it, so tomorrow I will be trying a James Martin recipe in hopes of it being that good.
I confess, in a way I hope to never find it as one I wouldn't want to negate that fine, fine memory and two to lose the excuse for continuing to feed everyone and myself one of the best ends to a meal.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hang in there re the boys! The minute I saw your present, I knew where it had come from. Lucky you. Re McGowans toffee, I can remember being allowed to buy it when holidaying at my Granny's in Scotland and my dad showing us how to smash it on our kneecaps to shatter it (whilst still in it's wrapper, of course). I once had a licquorice parfait (posh word for icecream I think) and never forgot it. Ice cream is a BIG favourite make in this house!

  2. Hope you son is feeling better!!! I love sticky toffee pudding and with homemade icecream, absolutely gorgeous!!! Yum!!

  3. ooooooooh icecream , here I go! I had home made, Italian honey and pine nut icecream, the night MrB and I went out to celebrate Master B's newly discovered presence....and then realised much too late that a newly pregnant lady should not be woofing down homemade icecream! It was one of the best things I have ever eaten!

    All mummies know what you are feeling! Mine has been back a week, oh the joy of having a little quiet and your house in some semblance of order!

    Thank Crunchie its Friday! Wine night and Daddy morning!


  4. I know how you feel re the school holidays - the first week of ours was not pretty! The bunny is gorgeous and we were excited by a ladybird that landed on the pram this afternoon - it was black with red spots!
    Have a great weekend. x

  5. i love the VM bunnies!! i have Billy!! would like another, but don't know if i can justify spending out for 2!!

  6. Sounds like a tough week - things can only improve! I love Martha, she's so adorable, I think I want one! Enjoy your weekend, and an extra portion of sticky toffee pudding x

  7. Oh Martha is amazing..I think I need a Martha..everything is so lovely over here...hugs for a happy weekend. xoxo

  8. Hi, back again - just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog name - have become uneasy with the fact it's name identified where I lived. Hope to see you over there sometime. Victoria x

  9. Martha is gorgeous! Hope your son is feeling better, this flu bug is horrid. Russ has it now and i wish he would stomp off to the bedroom! Have a lovely day xxx

  10. Martha is soooo sweet and yes that little face is adorable. Lucky you. Hope you had a lovely weekend and the pudding worked a treat. I've had all the ingredients in my cupboard with sticky toffee pudding in mind for weeks now. I have a Browns restaurant recipe. 'Tis good, 'tis! I shall share very soon I promise. x

  11. Oooh, your cake picture...that looks really delicious, more so as Im trying to abstain from the sweet stuff (a temporary lull you understand) and then you go on about sticky toffee pudding and I can feel my mouth watering at the very thought!
    Im sure your home made pud will be the bees knees, but I must pass this link on to you, its also a very good pudding and I think you can buy them in Waitrose if not by mail order and they really are GOOD:

    Enjoy all your sweet goodness (she writes, wishing she lived at your house)

    Love Julia x x x


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