Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My new friend!!

I have a new friend.
I find myself in desperate need, in deep dependency, reveling in reliance.  
It could be called healthy.....

My friend makes me warm.
My friend soothes my aching limb.
My friend helps me fall asleep, if only for short while.
 My friend stops the pain.

I am so in love with my new friend!

My poor, poor leg!



  1. Poor you, I have knee problems and it helps so much. I also find Ibuprofen gel as its takes down swelling xx

  2. Poor you, I hope you get well soon!! In the meantime, stick with your friend!!

  3. Sometimes a friend like that is all you want....... Hope your leg sorts itself soon....

  4. I hope your knee feels better soon, pamper yourself with lovely food and rest- you deserve it !
    Louise x

  5. Oh dear! I do hope you're leg is better soon. Thinking of you! x

  6. What on earth did you do to it you silly cookie? x

  7. you poor thing?! Whats doing with that leg? x

  8. Aah ladies! Thank you for your words! I'd love to say I was doing something wonderfully energetic or fun but really I just woke up one morning with my leg muscle hurting from my calf to my bottom. OK-ish for standing, for a short time anyway, but couldn't sit or be horizontal well. My back plays up usually so not sure what was going on?? I am glad to report I am on the mend and my friend has not been required to play today,so I am sighing with relief.....
    I can go out now not worrying about the stink!!

  9. Oh no hope your leg feels better soon!

  10. Oh no! Does your friend also make you a cup of tea and cut you a slice of cake??? POr you hope you're feeling better soon. x


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