Friday, 23 October 2009

Birthdays and hangovers!!!

Now do not be mistaken, it was not MY birthday!!

It was my youngest Son's sixth and after two cakes (one home, one party; it made sense at the time) biscuits and a party I was in need of refreshment.
Unfortunately I was distracted from the quantities of red wine consumed by my large glass, (this is my default excuse!) my knitting and Jason Bourne. Suffice to say, today I am a little hungover and I am too old for hangovers!!!!!

Aren't the colours beautiful?

My dearest friend has a birthday tomorrow and I still have lots of knitting to finish and a huge cupcake to bake courtesy of my new purchase from Lakeland and it's still the October break from school so my boys' are around distracting I went begging to my beloved Gaggia.....

.....and ate the obligatory slice of party cake.
Now I must not let myself get distracted by my favourite blogs or my favourite drug... sorry I meant site, Etsy! If only!!!!!!!

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