Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I love reading blogs but is writing one a good idea?

I figure, I love reading blogs, catching up each day (hopefully) on my favourites and I started to wonder....should I start one? Is my life interesting enough to discuss with the world? Are my thoughts varied, expansive, coherent enough to embark on such a thing. I used to write a journal years ago before my children came along and the process of putting thoughts to paper turned into repetitive ramblings about motherhood. This blogging malarkey could be a way of sharing my thoughts, getting them out there like I used to. Still this week may not have been the best.........three birthdays which include copious amounts of baking, knitting and general organizing. Have I got time to write?? Well here I am writing!

1 comment:

  1. And long may you continue!
    Thanks for the snot joke - that made me laugh!!
    I have just about got it sussed now - I see to one child, sew a bit, then run up and see to the other, then sew a bit, and so on, and so on...(oops, excuse the pun!!) xx


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