Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Pancakes.............Munch! Munch! Munch!


A song by Eldest Biscuit, Billabong the Mad

Pancakes for Breakfast
Pancakes for Lunch
Pancakes for Dinner
Munch! Munch! Munch!

It's funny how catchy the tune is that goes with it.  He made it up months and months ago but every now and again it pops in my head.  Sometimes we march round the house singing it in our big voices in celebration of the joy that is pancakes!

So yesterday we made pancakes for breakfast, I say we as we all did.  Sometimes when I say 'we' I mean 'I' with them hovering in and out the kitchen asking when it (whatever it is) will be ready.  Out came the ingredients and the blender.....


....we could make it the old fashioned way with a jug and a whisk but my boys don't like these things to take too long and do like to use kitchen gadgets whenever possible, so we always make it in the blender following the recipe in 'Nigella Bites' or available at her website here.
After letting the batter sit for a while as suggested, Eldest biscuit took on the duty of making on our ancient hand-me-down griddle (we do love it so!) and with the best pancake spatula in the land from Viners.  It makes a difference, especially as the size of it means small hands never have to go near the hot pancakes or griddle at any time.  It makes my eldest feel very confident in making them for only the second time.

How chuffed does he look?

He makes a right old mess which I always have to clean up..........just after this photo was taken Youngest Biscuit appeared wondering what was taking so long and they decided between themselves that they couldn't wait any longer and off they went with a pile of warm pancakes each......

.......leaving me to finish off making them on my own.  By the time I was done they were finished and I sat on my own while they were off playing again.
Such is life!

When it comes to eating there is one thing we MUST have with our pancakes.....


..........ooooh we love Golden Syrup!!!

Hope you all got to stuff your faces like we did!



  1. Just popped over to say hello via Coco Rose Textiles!! Love your blog!! Glad you are a domestic goddess - my favourite people!! I love Nigella's pancake recipe too!!!

  2. Looks like fun! I love pancakes and always wish I made them more often, but it only ends up to be once a year!

  3. Yours look WAY better than mine. Admittedly, mine were the thin, crepe-y kind, which may account for how crappy they were. An expert pancake tosser I am not. xx

  4. Awwww your pancakes look the same size and thickness as the ones my mum used to make.... :O)

  5. golly- your pancakes look practicaly professional.
    Must be the spatula and eldest biscuit's song!

    Lovely blog!

    Lula@goldenafternoontearoom- pop by for some tea

  6. Hi Ali, Those pancakes do look good...oh no i'm hungry again now and still 7 hours to go until breakfast :(

    I'm hoping to make a rug with those 100's of pom-poms, at this rate its going to be a very small rug!


  7. Unbelievably jealous of griddle!! I want, want, want.......x


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