Monday, 22 February 2010

I'm staring at the ironing pile thinking...........

I'm so ignoring you for a bit.

My mind is filled with ideas! Things I would like to make and do, future projects and necessary creative undertakings.  Words and phrases I can see embroidered prettily.  Felt Swiss Roll brooch designs swirling around just waiting to be grabbed.  And this, a
 thrifted blanket that's just not big enough.

For when I'm slouching on the couch (eventually!) of an evening searching the TV listings for my favourite distraction, whilst knitting and slurping tea.....

The lights are low and I'm settled in and then, quite suddenly, an interruption I cannot resist.
Cannae knit or slurp tea now but am forced to have a cuddle with my Beau Beau!
Ah well!!



  1. I hate my ironing pile - because it generally stands in the way of doing something more interesting. Hurrah for spontaneous cat smooches, supping tea and making nice things!

    Love Julia x x x

  2. I find my cats get in the middle of everything , but that's what they're there for isn't it ?
    PS Your blanket looks lovely x

  3. Aww cute pusscat! Thanks for the info on electric whisks. Still deciding!

  4. Aw!!! I would like a cuddle like that!! MUCH better than the ironing! x Glad you like the name. I like your arrows going straight to the heart - very good!!

  5. Ironing can wait, ideas and cat cuddles cant.......... :O)


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