Saturday, 20 February 2010

Where's the mute button?

Is there a volume dial on children? 
I thinks there must be as my boys, since yesterday, seemed to have discovered theirs and turned it up as far as it can go.  It may be that due to feeling poorly most of this week volume is affecting me but they are so loud and all I want is peace and quiet.  They were on holiday from school on Monday and Tuesday but youngest Biscuit has had a wee urine infection and had to stay off on Thursday and Friday too.  Of course one Biscuit doesn't make as much noise as two but I really could have done with a child free week.
All I've wanted to do was get myself on the couch (Youngest Biscuit was hogging it) and watch a film like this.........


......and feel all snuggly warm from the inside.
So I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself, want someone to bring me tea (Hubby works on Saturday morns), want to run away from the Ironing pile monster threatening to consume the whole house, his friend the Dust monster, the 'I need tidied' monster and the 'You're supposed to provide the meals' monster.  I never invited them but they feel obliged to reside here, unwelcome!  Maybe just runaway full stop.
We have promised to take the boys to see the new Percy Jackson film at the cinema today and I kinda wished we hadn't.  I would love to see it (sometime!!) as along with Eldest Biscuit, we've read all the books (recommended by Stephanie Meyer who wrote the Twilight books) but the thought of having to make myself presentable, leaving the house, being enthusiastic about anything, seems a bit much.......
Aaah!! I need to cheer up a bit, I HATE feeling like this, all fed up and moany faced.
Someone (nicely please, I'm fragile today) tell me to get a grip!



  1. Rather than remonstrate dear Ali, can I commiserate and hide from all those monsters with you?!

    Half term has been one huge foul stinky cold working its way through each of us in turn. So not only do I currently have the pleasure of that, I also have impetigo! (If you are lucky enough to have escaped this particularly attractive affliction and don't know what it is, look it up! It's gross!)

    So do you have space on your sofa for a little one and a few tissues?


  2. Tomorrow's another day........ Just get through today first.....

    Oh and take plenty of chocolate to the cinema.... :O)

  3. A mute button!!! And perhaps an on/off switch from time to time!!!!

  4. After watching Click with Adam Sandler the other night, one of those remotes would be usefull. Mute and pause yep two buttons that every mother should have access to. (((hugs)))

  5. Hope you are feeling better Ali, and hope you found the mute button :) xxx


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