Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Easily distracted! Me? Never...........

I had great plans for this lovely winters morn.  After walking to school with my Biscuits I would, on the way back, go through the lovely park and take some photos of Snowdrops.  Oh how you would have liked that!  But (and here's the story of my life) I got blethering to one of the Mums and totally forgot until my legs had brought me back home.  "I was meant to......." that's me.  I get so easily distracted from everything especially if I get chatting.  It's something I HAVE to admit as my Biscuits openly discuss this and if wee boys of eight and six notice what their Mummy does then it must be true.
For example, today Eldest Biscuit, Billabong the Mad, is giving a presentation in front of the whole school and I comforted him ( he's a teeny bit nervous but feels capable and up for it) with the thought that many grown ups would find that intimidating and scary.  He felt it necessary to point out that I would start chatting with the audience and get distracted.  He has a point.
Every single school report in my whole school career said I talk too much.  I remember in High School, a Maths teacher moving me down the front next to the boys (way hey!) so I wouldn't talk so much.  It didn't work so he resorted to throwing chalk at me.  I got thrown out of that class for being outraged at this and arguing about the rights of Teachers to do such things.  Can you imagine the uproar, and quite right too, if a Teacher did that nowadays?  Come to think of it my mouth caused me to get thrown out of a lot of classes.  I was never abusive and I always worked hard but it didn't take much to make me laugh or say something that I thought was hilarious but the Teachers thought was cheeky.  Ladies, I'm sure you will agree a fish eye being poked out in a Biology dissection class and hitting a girl in the face, making her scream, is FUNNY. I got thrown out of that class. It was the Teacher who did this by the way.  That's what made it so funny!  I had the same Teacher for Biology as Religious Education and he was old with wobbly turkey neck (he always wore pink shirts and tweed jackets too, funny the things you remember) and one day whilst talking about Holy Communion, the body of Christ etc he somehow found himself telling us all how it gets digested - hilarious!!!! I got thrown out that day too!
Looking back it wasn't really a hardship getting thrown out over something funny.  I like funny!  
I am a little ashamed to admit because charity is supposed to be serious  particularly for Black Babies, it was always fund raising for Black Babies at Primary School, I could never get through a sponsored silence without either giggling or forgetting I was supposed to be silent, and start chatting.  I'm sure all the grown ups who sponsored me paid up in full knowledge of the truth there was NO WAY I had managed the allocated time for silence, NO WAY!!  I'm glad we all glossed over that shameful truth.
By the time I went to College and Uni the chatting in class had waned but only in lectures, couldn't say the same for tutorials and small group discussions.  Ah well!
I like to chat.  What can I say?  Always have, always will and I suppose if I miss a few things or plans have to be tweaked then so be it.  I embrace that part of me like I should, don't you think?



  1. Haha! I actually laughed out loud when you mentioned the fish eye hitting that girl in the face. It's a good job there's no one around.
    I always get the giggles when I really shouldn't, the more you know you shouldn't be laughing...the more you can't stop. :D

  2. I too was always told off for talking - and moved many many times, to sit with boys! to sit alone! at the back...at the front....it didn't stop me. I would drop things under the tables and talk to my friends with our heads under the desk!
    The fish eye made me laugh too, although I think I might have fainted - not good with yucky!!! xx

  3. How could anyone not laugh about the fish eye :) i too always laugh when i shouldn't but i do find so many things funny, i often burst out laughing when i'm on my own...i do get some funny looks :) xxx

  4. Ha ha, I think having a wobbly turkey neck was a teacher prequisite when we were young - that and nasty yellow horny toenails in sandals (bleurgh)!

    All I can say is that you clearly have an intelligent and alert, multi-tasking brain young lady.

    By the way, I hereby confirm that I dedicate my new 'random hedgehog' picture on my blog to you!


  5. Cheers Heather! I do love a hedgehog, random or otherwise. I'm happy to report the Teacher mentioned would definitely have worn socks with sandals, thank goodness. Minging! There are quite a few ladies at school, Mums and Teachers who I want to scream "pedicure!" or at the very least "foot cream!", in the summer months.
    Feet give me the heebies!

  6. Spooky! I used to get thrown out of m biology classes on a regular basis for laughing and the teacher had a wobbly neck. We 'affectionately' called him chicken neck. I think I was the bane of that man's career :/

  7. Lol, had to laugh at that!

    The fish eye would of made me snigger too. We had a Man woman teacher at my junior school. She smelt a bit funny too.

    I know how you feel about being a chatterbox. I am too. Could chew a hind leg off a donkey apparently. Well as long as he stands still long enough.................


  8. Ah my goodness, Ive just laughed at your post! It brought back lots of memories from my own schooldays when I remember sitting in class turning beetroot from trying so hard not to laugh...!

    With love to a fellow chatterbox

    Julia x x x

  9. I got "the strap" for talking in a class in Scotland. Someone told me before I went to the Head's office that if you didnt put both hands together on top of each other, but left a small gap, then the pain wouldn't pass through both. They lied! In later years, I also had to write out "Tam O' Shanter" because of someone else talking..........

    Great post!

  10. Nothing wrong with a chatterbox :) just found your blog and enjoyed Reading your older posts :)

  11. hahaha, im very easily distracted too! its hard trying to run and organise a team of 20 at work! if they ask me a question about days off etc i make them write it down and stick it on my desk right in front of my face....sometimes i still forget! haha im terrible! ps turkey neck hehehehehehehe


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