Monday, 15 February 2010

Squeeze ma lemon...........

I couldn't resist this title, part of quite a 'oh-er' line from a Led Zeppelin song but it is apt as I wanted to discuss lemons.  I love lemons and last week I had a craving and with my new Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery book at hand I set about baking and making a fine old mess (more on that later).

This is the kind of book you want to jump in and submerge yourself in.
Not the most simple of methods in baking but the end result is worth the attention needed.
Ooh I so wanted lemon and the smells in my kitchen were amazing.
When it came to the lemon butter icing I needed a little colour, I wanted yellow.

 I wanted to feel like Spring sunshine was on the way bringing it's warmth but still desired the comfort needed in the cold that only a cupcake can bring.  Look at these, yes there's lots of photos but I'm celebrating the joy that is cake here........
are they not delightful????? 

I had such a lovely time with these and making a right old mess.  I could have stayed with all the pretty staged photos but hey let's get real.  This is what my kitchen looks like when I have been let loose with icing sugar.

I am a messy cook but I cannot not spill icing sugar everywhere when I am using it.
It cleans....... now I can enjoy one of those babies.
It was so good.  Even Hubby who is not a lemon fan liked them.  I'm thinking  chocolate with mint icing next, or vanilla with lime and coconut icing, or strawberries and cream, or raspberry.
Decisions, decisions!!

Here is the man that I could hardly bare begging for his lemon to be squeezed till the juice ran down his leg.

The gorgeous Robert Plant, pensioner now but we'll gloss over that fact shall we!



  1. Your cupcakes look yummy.

    I to love baking and the mess is all part of the fun.

  2. Hello You!

    I have that book too - Its known as the cupcake porn book - thought I could share that with you.....

    Its not mess - its creativity in action.

    & yummy it looks too.

    Love Lydia xx

  3. I have that book but have yet to make anything from it...mainly as I can't decide what to start with first! That book is just pure eye candy for the cake fanatic! You cakes look amazing and I bet they tasted as good as it looked! I am such a messy cook too. I have a small kitchen so everywhere is just a total mess when I am done! nothing beats a good cake though! Have a great day! xxx

  4. I dont need any encouraging to buy a book that looks as wonderful as that! Yummy looking cakes you made...

  5. Just found your blog! I love anything with lemon in them - so those cupcakes are right up my street. They look amazing!

  6. Happy half term cupcakes!

    Now, as you know, I'm not a cake fan but yours do look so very pretty.

    May I suggest blue cheese and bacon cupcakes?!

    I love your kitchen - it looks so welcoming and colourful.


  7. Wow those look fantastic...i love lemony cakes and puddings. Posted your package today so hopefully you should recieve it in the morning. Have a lovely evening xxx

  8. hehe u did make me giggle- yes! you remember him in his prime/when he was gorgeous!
    what a lovely lotta cake! i would just love to be a mouse in your house just to taste a crumb of scrummyness! ;0)xxxx your hols in a cottage in scotland sound perfecto!! xxxx

  9. Your lemon cakes look delightfully scrumptious.

    You can never have too many cake recipe books can you?

  10. So glad you liked them Ali :) hope you have a great week xxx

  11. i am off to google the FEAST custard creams recipe - i don't have that book xxx

  12. Ah..age is but a number (cackles wickedly) and your cupcakes are sublime looking!! I bought my sister that very same book for her birthday and all I hear are fab reviews - might be going on the old amazon wishlist I reckon...!

    Enjoy your buns!
    Julia x x x

  13. Robert Plant is such a god! that song does make me giggle tho!
    Cupcakes look delish- very tempted by the primrose book.. but how many cupcake books does a girl need? LOTS!

  14. They look so yum! And so pretty too! Yes icing sugar does tend to get everywhere doesn't it! My electric hand whisk went the way of all flesh last week. Is a dualit one good? Is it worth the fifty quid or should I just get a £15 kenwood one (which I battered for 6 years) Hmmm...ponder, What do you think?

  15. I am SO jealous! I tried this ( see my blog for one of the pics )and my icing would not just sit right :/ yours are fabulous! xxx

  16. I had to giggle at your comment on my blog regarding cupcakes and icing, I have that book (primrose bakery) and thats where I get some of the recipes from...but they still flop spectacuarly! you obviously have the knack and I just don't! ;-) Practise makes perfect as they say :) xxx


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