Monday, 31 October 2011

Feck that for a game o' sodgers!

I wish I could...
But I can't.....
I have tried...
I have dithered about decorating windows with fake cobwebs and the like.
I have procrastinated drinking coffee and now I am even writing a post about it, big *sigh*.

I feel like Hamish in this photo...

 because of this...

I am hoping, rather than bemoaning this outrageous mound dear friends, you all agree that this is the size an ironing mountain should get to before being embarked upon.  Please say it is so, I'd hate to look like a failure in the housewifery department!   *takes tongue out of cheek*

Feckity feck feck feckity feck feck!!!

I better get these out then, my ironing companions, the 10th Doctor will ease my pain!

 Sort he won't, who am I kidding???  Yet more *sighs*!  I am proper huffing now by the way!



  1. hide the pile and go do something much nicer instead I say :)
    ps yes I was a goth....I will dig out a photo, I think I was a bit too jolly to be proper one moody pics :) x x x x

  2. Poor you! I used to be like that, then (at the risk of sounding like I should be on QVC flogging things) I got my super-duper steam generating iron and it transformed my life! I even did 5, yes 5, large white linen tablecloths yesterday and breezed through them speedily and joyfully!
    I really do need to get out more...
    (if you were close by I'd say bring it round to me!)

  3. Jane, a jolly goth? Could it be?
    Oh Alix, I have a fancy steam generating iron but I still hate it even if it is quicker. If we did live closer I'd swap you cake.....x

  4. Good grief, that isn't a mountain by my standards! ;O)

    Now here's a thing: I will happily steam through ironing piles at other people's houses, yet my own just steadily mounts up. A bit like the garage mechanic always drives a beaten up car I expect......

  5. Dear me. Do what I do - stop ironing :D Last time I ironed anything was the last time I was forced to attend a churchy-type-event. It works out quite well for me xx

  6. Hope the 10th Doctor helped you through it! xxx

  7. Cathy, that photo didn't do the pile justice!

    Elspeth, how do you do it? If I didn't iron we'd all look like we slept in our clothes, not a good look! I know others who don't iron and I wonder at their trick, tumble dryer or a washing machine that leaves them less wrinkly, I don't know?!?!

    Alex, he did but only just!


  8. I just shake everything REALLY hard before I hang it up. Admittedly, my jeans and some other stuff do tend to look a bit crumply but I just can't find it in myself to give a monkey's :) xxx

  9. I DONT iron! Its stamped through me like a stick of rock! You have to draw the line somewhere eh? And you make wonderful cake! So draw that line my friend! will guide your hand....

    xxx :-)

  10. Oh poor you. I must admit, I don't iron either. I iron my sewing work (I have a mini board on a work surface permanently set up) but I pretty much never iron anything from the house with the exception of the odd dress or shirt. I tumble dry then remove asap when it finishes and 'shake and fold' basically, or I line dry indoors or out. It is possible to do this, but I guess the boys and I do look a bit crumpled some of the time, I just don't really notice. I'm a cr*p housewife. Beth (the linen cat)x


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