Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekend baking: Cinnamon Buns.

On Saturday I was up early doors so I could make Mr Biscuit Cinnamon Buns for elevenses, from my newest baking book.  I have gone on many a time about my love for Cupcakes from The Primrose Bakery and now there is a new one filled to the brim with deliciousness after deliciousness.  I want, no need to make lots from this book.
The recipe was actually really easy to follow ( I've made lots and lots of bread dough in my time) with helpful images to aid me along but as always, my inability to roll out dough neatly led me to have to try three times for the rectangle needed.  This added lots to the prep time but I got there in the end.

The icing was Mr Biscuit's idea as the recipe didn't call for it.  I have to say the bread like texture of these was somewhat strange (they looked a bit like a pork pie too!) but lovely all the same with the sugary cinnamon flavour.  I didn't do the apricot glaze as Mr Biscuit isn't keen on it.  Also I'm not sure if it was my lack of tight rolling, but masses of the filling leaked out all over the oven, coating it in toffee.  I don't think they were tasty enough to justify having to clean the oven afterwards!  Is anything??
In the end we decided that pastry cinnamon whirls are better.

We ate some none the less and froze the rest.

If you'd like a looksee at the book go on over to

Happy Baking!

I've got a birthday cake based on Driver, San Francisco, lamingtons and miniature coffee & walnut cakes this week!



  1. They look amazing! I love cinnamon buns I have put this book on my Xmas list but I think I might have to have an early pressie! Sue x

  2. They look yummy!
    I sypathise with the dough rolling as I've just tried and failed to roll out pizza dough for the children's tea! Hopeless!!
    Back to the cinnamon buns... I've only ever made nigella's version (norwegian cinnamon buns - also bread based) which are made in a baking tin and have a bread base to catch all the (inevitably) escaping filling. If you're making lamingtons you'd better send me your address because I'm coming round...!!!

  3. Oh yum! I might have to make some cinnamon toast to try to get a little hint of those buns, because I'm far too lazy right now to get baking. Your other planned bakes sound interesting and delicious - very appropriate as it's National Baking Week!

  4. Yum, yum! They look delicious I love cinnamon. Especially this time of year all snuggled up with a cuppa xx

  5. They look yummy! The book looks and sounds well worth an online visit to Amazon!
    Not sure whether this comment will make it, have tried several times over the past few weeks to comment on your posts!
    Fingers crossed!
    Gill xx

  6. They look delicious, I like the icing touch too.

  7. Ooooh lovely. If you cram them together in a tin like I do they won't leak so much. You'll have to pull them apart after, but that's a small price to pay for a clean oven :D x

  8. Good tip Elspeth!
    Victoria, the lamingtons are for Hubby's birthday and even though he prefers a biscuit to cake any day of the week, you'd have to fight him for a lamington.

  9. They look delicious! What a lovely blog you have, now I am following you! If you want have a look at my blog.
    Hugs, Annalisa


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