Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday morning and being clumsy!


I genuinely almost fell out of the bed and no one wants to start their day suddenly finding themselves having to be agile.   I took it for the bad omen it was.  I am indeed in for a clumsy day.  I can sense it.  I made it through getting ready, got downstairs, did not burn toast because I concentrated really hard on the time and then, then, like a fool, I dropped the lid of the orange juice and watched it roll under the freezer.  Aahh!
Youngest Biscuit did his best to retrieve it but in the end I had to go outside in the rain, in my slippers (again FOOL!) to rake about in the recycle bin for another lid. (Notice it doesn't even match!)  I dropped the butter tub at that point and spilled jam everywhere getting it out of the jar.  That was my own fault as the raspberry jam we made looks like Wallace and Gromit jam.  Now don't get me wrong, we don't have manic, stressed out mornings in our house.  We give ourselves plenty of time and don't have to rush about so I have no excuses.  I made a right old drama out of breakfast.

Mr Biscuit has a theory.  He doesn't think I am clumsy at all.  He suggests I don't give my full attention to the job at hand but am thinking of the next or the one after that. 
I have nothing to say about that.
I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

I'm off for this...

and to write a list of cake ingredients etc for Youngest Biscuit's birthday in less than two weeks.  It all kicks off birthday wise the last week of October round our way.  I like writing a list though and I figure I can't really be clumsy doing that.  May be safer to stay clear of the iron too.  Shame!  I was really looking forward to that today.....



  1. Last week I went to get something out of the fridge and the big tub of opened single cream fell off the top shelf, flipped, and hit the shelf below before exploding all over my head, face, neck and top. There couldn't have been any more on me if I tried. Mr H, instead of helping me in my predicament as I stood there in shock, wet himself laughing and got the camera. Later on that week, I was faffing about with a candle. It had burnt right down and there was a pool of melted wax at the bottom but there was still unused wax all up the sides of the holder. So I tried to get it all down. I missed, slapped the spoon into the hot wax at the bottom and it flew up and sprayed my face and the wall. No hot wax in eye injuries thankfully but it was all in my hair and over my face. Again Mr H just sat there and laughed and I was picking dried wax out of my hair for a week. Some days are just days when you need to stay in bed! Hope the day improves! xxx

  2. Sounds like the sort of day for doing as little as possible, it will save endless clean ups and anguish - enjoy a good DVD and some chocolate I say! x

  3. Ohhh pips dunna y'just hate day's like that! I always think the harder y'try the worst it ends up! Yep it's a day for doing not very much I reckons! OoOoo canna wait to see the yummy offerings for Youngest Biscuits B'day! Loves Ionwen X


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