Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I've been a busy wee bee with birthday business!

For us, the last two weeks of October is abundant in birthdays which is fabulous really - love a birthday - but bugger it's exhausting!  I feel sorry for Mr Biscuit too as inevitably we spend his birthday preparing for Youngest Biscuit's the day after so we never go out or celebrate much.  I did make him Lamingtons which has scored me many many tens of points in the Good Wife department.  Just as well as I barely had a second to send him birthday wishes.

Traditions were kept, birthday age biscuits...

...made every year of both of my Biscuits lives and now, always decorated with a brother at hand.

And of course there was a cake...

...based on the PS3 game Driver: San Fransisco, Youngest Biscuit's favourite game.  I had to edit this photo in cinemascope to match the feel of the game's opening sequence, very dramatic!
My amazing friend from the States who lives near to SF got me the Golden Gate Bridge which we spray painted red and really makes the cake, don't you think?  She sent over oodles of chocolatey pretzels too, the star that she is!
The Dodge Challenger (hark at me with the car names) was made from Sculpey clay so it could be kept.  I have to say it's a lot of fun making cakes like this but the sugar paste was so soft it was a right pain! I was tired after I admit. It was a cake four days in the making and I think all that creativity and organizing is exhausting!  I get very sick of baking too which I really do hate to admit.
After all this effort I will be terrorized with a remote control tarantula and Nerf Guns, such is life, with boys!

 It was my friend's special day yesterday and I got to be girly...

...which I don't get to do very often!
 It had been a busy old time and I really did deserve this...

Two more birthdays this weekend and I have just had my two year blogging anniversary, which is just a bit mad.  I think my second post ever included Youngest Biscuits birthday.

I must be off, Biscuits are back at school today, beds are stripped and Stormy (my Dyson that 'looks like a Stormtrooper') wants to come out and play.


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  1. Dearest Ali, many happy returns to both your boys (Youngest and Mr) and, of course, your little blog! Fabulous cake as per - yes, the bridge looks super. Perfect finishing touch. Well worthy of that large glass of red my friend.

    Aaah, the constant click of Nerf guns ... such joy!


  2. Heather the same friend bought hubby a nerf gun too. Feel sorry for me in this house of males! x

  3. Wow those bakes are amazing, what a busy bee you've been. You really do deserve that wine - good luck with the weekend birthdays!

  4. Amazing cakes, well worth the effort. I bet your son will always remember it too!

  5. Cor those biscuits look fabulous!
    One happy little birthday boy (and Mr).
    You deserve that glass (bottle!)

  6. My goodness, you have been busy! You are a master at icing - I just don't have the patience.
    P.s. chocolate pretzels were 3 for 2 in M&S last time I was in. I've stocked up ready for Xmas (if they last that long)!

  7. OMG Victoria, I must go! I haven't been to m&s lately, there's a bourbon tin apparently, designed by mrs cheese (above) who I now worship and will forever more! Love a tin...x
    And thanks for your compliments ladies. X

  8. You know what? I'm just going to say it. I wish you were MY mum. heh. Is that creepy? I don't care so long as it gets me age-biscuits and awesome cake :D xxx

  9. Elspeth someone said the exact same thing yesterday (and at other times) and it seems to me you can win anyone over with cake. Besides it cannae be a birthday without cake, right?
    I'd made you biscuits and cake any time you like!!! xx

  10. wow wow WOW babs? How supadupa are your biccys n cake!?! OOoooo and Happy 2nd Blogging Birthday pips! Loves Ionwen X

  11. Your cake and biscuits look fantastic! xx

  12. if you have trouble laying your hands on a bourbon tin let me know and I'll pop into my local and buy one and post it up to you xx

  13. oh and ps
    I thought I was the only one who had a thing about Guy (fwor) Martin......isn't he just lovely?


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