Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Unbrushed hair and a poorly look on my face!

The reason for Monday's clumsiness became clear when I woke up yesterday feeling ill.  Y'know aches and pains, sore head and awful nausea.  I determinedly kept down my morning porridge and cappuccino but was indeed sick sometime after lunch.  I shouldn't have ate it really but I thought the sick feeling had got worse because I was hungry but no, the sick feeling got worse because I was going to be sick.  Yuckity yuck yuck yuck!!
I spent the best part of the day on the sofa, on and off with my laptop and TV wanting and waiting for everyone to come home and accumulatively feeling sorry for myself.  I did get some sewing done....
Today I still feel pants so will try to rest I guess.  Having to miss my 'pretending to be a librarian' morning at nursery but what can you do?

So here's what my day will look like for the best part.....

Dirty dishes and Hortensia on my knee.  I even used my iPhone to take a photo so I wouldn't have to get off the sofa.  Better to embrace the sofa that fight it I figure.  I've started sneezing now so no doubt in a bit this photo would have skanky squished up tissues too.
I am grateful though.  At least these days, with not being required to walk my Biscuits to and from school, I can stay in my jim jams with unbrushed hair and a poorly look on my face.



  1. Aw rubbish! Just you sit there with yout blankie :) Blankies fix all ills xx

  2. Oh dear. Hope you feel better soon. Rest up. x

  3. Bad luck. Germs have been marching around BeanTowers recently but thankfully, not THOSE sort of germs. Hope the folks are taking great care of you. Ax

  4. ....hugs! feel better soon! Better on the couch than out in this miserable weather hey x xxxx

  5. I hope you feel better soon. A bit of sofa time sounds like a very good idea! X

  6. Get well soon. You are in the best place, all cosy.


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